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Welcome to Belle and Bust! My name is Kemi and I am a 23 year old fuller bust woman. My bust size is 32GG, I am a size 10/12 on top and 8/10 on the bottom. Like many women, I am indeed between sizes! On this blog, you’ll find lifestyle and fashion tips & hints for making life as a fuller bust woman that little bit easier along with positive vibes throughout. 

So why did I start Belle and Bust? Well for a very long time (and probably still to this day), I felt very self-conscious about having a large bust. Tell a lie, when I was growing up it was all fun and games because I felt I was ahead of the puberty ‘race’, and was therefore more mature and ‘womanly’ (whatever that means). As I grew up and moved away from that immaturity, I started to hate my figure; mainly as I looked top heavy which made me feel a lot larger than I probably was. I prayed my breasts would stop growing so I could be ‘normal’ and be less inconvenienced by the weight of them. Of course, they didn’t until I reached my current bust size where sometimes it looks as though my breasts are bigger than my actual head! 

So I decided to start this blog to unite the fuller bust community, spreading body confidence and positivity. Stick with me and we can work together to get you feeling confident about your bust.

Disclaimer: While this blog will feature a lot of fuller bust themes, we don’t discriminate! Everyone and everybody is welcome to join the Belle and Bust community. We can’t wait to connect with you!

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