Let’s Talk About Sleep; Can I Wear a Bra to Sleep?

Can you wear a bra to sleep? Great question. The short answer is yes, you can do absolutely anything you want, you’re grown! The question is should you? 

I’m going to start off with my opinion here – I personally don’t wear a bra to sleep. For me, it’s not very comfortable and my boobs feel trapped. Bedtime is the only time I where I can let the girls out without worry of what I look like, or who is looking/judging. Also, we sweat during our sleep and underboob sweat is no joke causing some serious issues if there is continuous build up of bacteria. Combined with the friction caused by the rubbing of an underwired bra, it’s just not a good idea in my opinion. 

Now let me be fair and present some pros and cons of wearing a bra to sleep;

It will prevent your boobs from sagging. 

It is believed that wearing a bra to sleep will make boobs perkier and prevent sagging by holding them up for a prolonged period of time. Now I hate to be the bearer of bad news but bras simply aren’t able to defy gravity in this way! Sagging is a natural process in the life cycle, caused by many factors from ageing to fat content. Therefore the larger the fat content in your breasts, I’m afraid there is just no escaping. Besides, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having boobs that sag, so please remember to love your boobs regardless!

It’s more comfortable. 

Many women have reported they find wearing a bra to sleep more comfortable because it holds their breasts so they’re not moving around as much. Bra’s are designed to support your breasts so this is quite a logical reason. This is a pro that is purely down to personal opinion so worth trying out for yourself to see if it works for you.

It restricts blood flow.

When wearing a particularly tight fitted bra or one with an underwire, this pressure could inhibit blood circulation. There are some pretty important organs and limbs near the chest area, and by hindering circulation to breast tissue you could cause yourself arm pain or numbness. To reduce this risk, try wearing a non-wired bra to sleep instead.

It irritates the skin.

Bras are multi-faceted things – from the underwire, to the straps, hooks and lace; these can cause some irritation when in contact with skin for prolonged periods of times. Those with sensitive skin should be particularly wary. Hyperpigmentation can also develop later down the line as a result of this, and it can be a real pain to reduce the discolouration. 

The final judgement

So what’s the final verdict? The decision on whether or not to wear a bra to sleep is a personal decision and I’d recommend trying both to see which you find most comfortable. 

Will you or won’t you wear a bra to sleep… Get in touch below and let us know or share any pros/cons you’ve personally experienced!


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